How Can Ping Pong Tables Destroy Your Company Culture?

culture Feb 02, 2024
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How Can Ping Pong Tables Destroy Your Company Culture?

Welcome to Friday 411, issue #059. In 4 minutes, with 1 insight and 1 action, you’ll discover why ping pong tables don’t create a great company culture.

1 Insight

There are only three types of culture that your organization can have. As a leader, you get to choose which one you create.


Culture is a trendy topic in the business world today. People often mention wanting to work in a great culture or quitting a toxic culture.

It seems like everyone is discussing it. However, this doesn't mean that leaders fully understand what culture is or how to cultivate it.

Hampton Dorsch from the Wake Up and Lead podcast interviewed Garland to explore the meaning of culture and how leaders can intentionally foster it.

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1 Action

Listen to the complete podcast episode with Hampton Dorsch for more insights on leadership, culture and capacity.




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